Letter from Coach Hunter - Strength and Conditioning Camp


own | 6/27/2020

Dear Anderson Student-Athletes and Families,

On Thursday June 25, we made the decision to suspend Anderson Strength and Conditioning activities until further notice. Throughout the camp, we have implemented and followed all recommended health measures, such as requiring social distancing and disinfecting equipment before and after each use and workout session. This decision was made as an extra precautionary measure for our athletes, coaches, and families. Our hope, if things go well, is to resume camp on Monday, July 13. At this point, it will be TBA. To be clear, we did NOT have any camper with symptoms, or a positive test. We did not HAVE to, but CHOSE to shut camp down.

During this shut down period, we will use this time to do an additional deep cleaning of all of our workout facilities. The Anderson Athletic department is taking these steps, which exceed the expectations set forth by the most recent guidelines of the UIL and health authorities.

Rest assured, the health and safety of our athletes and coaches is our first priority. If at any time during this suspension of activities, a student athlete begins to show any COVID-19 -related symptoms and/or receives a positive test result, we ask that you notify your physician and Coach/Athletic Coordinator immediately. We will continue to monitor this situation and will provide additional information as needed. We appreciate everyone’s support and dedication in ensuring the health and safety of our athletes and coaches.

I also want to share that I sent a letter to our football families with some additional thoughts. I cannot and will never overstep and try to parent for you. I do, however, have some thoughts for all of us to consider. I am asking that all of us as parents keep an eye on when, where, and WHO our kids are around when they leave our homes. This may be a time where it hurts to tell our kids NO, but we may have to do so. I encourage all parents to go with their “gut”. If you are unsure of the details, or have a bad feeling about your child attending a gathering to just say NO. I am convinced that if we are to have athletics this year it will be because the majority of our parents tell their kids NO at some point this summer.

Finally, I want to say THANK YOU to the students and families of the kids that were indirectly exposed to possible COVID. After speaking with the kids and families, every single one of them told me that they had already made the decision to keep their child home and self-isolate. This was very responsible and is encouraging to know that our community is filled with parents that are doing the right thing in their everyday lives. I am so excited to lead such an amazing community filled with great kids and great parents!

Daniel Hunter
Athletic Coordinator & Head Football Coach
Anderson High School